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Top Tier Manhattan Look at How Apps Can Greatly Improve Productivity

Top Tier Manhattan Look at How Apps Can Greatly Improve Productivity

It is amazing just how quickly a huge number of productivity apps have hit the market and the sheer number of them is overwhelming, to say the least. Here, Top Tier Manhattan, a direct marketing group based in New York City, look at how these apps can improve productivity and why it is beneficial to have a few geared towards very specific tasks.

Hannah Wolosek, Top Tier Manhattan’ director, believes that productivity apps can significantly reduce manpower hours and is a firm believer in using them to keep operating costs low whilst streamlining tasks for greater efficiency. “Although we have our network mainframe, we also have a number of smaller apps that can easily work within our main program and we have learned to rely heavily on a few of these applications.”

In recent years most business professionals have turned to mobile apps that they can utilize whilst on the road both to communicate with their home offices and also to keep track of sales and customer reports without actually logging onto the network. “These apps can stand alone or they can interface with network software and the beauty is that if something newer and better comes along we can easily transition to another app without upsetting the network,” Hannah states.

Hannah goes on to talk about some of the types of apps her office uses for specific tasks. Some are used for collaboration on projects which allows each members to tune into ‘channels’ specific to the event they are currently working on. With a number of direct marketing events going on simultaneously, it helps to be able to communicate with other members of the office who may not be at the same remote location. With an app such as Slack each office members can see what contributions are being made to a project from another location. This prevents duplication of efforts and, of course, saves time and money.


Hannah Wolosek is always on the lookout for apps that can increase productivity because of the speed at which technology is advancing. By the time a company’s mainframe is designed and set up, newer technology has already been put into play. Apps can fill the void and work seamlessly with a business’ software without interfering with the ‘flow’ so she advises her clients to keep this in mind.


Top Tier Manhattan is passionate about any way in which they can help to increase their clients’ profitability, and this is one way to accomplish this. With a larger market share and improved productivity, profits rise proportionately and that’s just what Hannah loves to hear.


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