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Top Tier Manhattan Shares Apple’s New Release and Unveiling

Top Tier Manhattan Shares Apple’s New Release and Unveiling

“Apple never fails to make sure its audience is wowed by the gadgets they come up with. What is it about Apple that makes sure we buy their products again and again? At Top Tier Manhattan we’ve concluded that it’s a mix. A mix of new, revolutionized and mature technology that will set the bar high for years and years to come. Apple always seems to be ahead of its competition and never fails to capture the heart of everyone watching or everyone that uses older Apple products,” says Hannah Wolosek, managing director of Top Tier Manhattan. It’s a given that Apple defines change. Stats show that over the past 10 years, Apple has sold 1.2 billion smartphones — recently Apple’s newest innovation the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X are making their way in the market. “Due to the fact that it’s been a decade since the iPhone was first released, they have named it the X. At the unveiling the Apple creators showcased the phone in the best way possible showing the facial recognition and animoji ability on the latest iOS software,” mentions Hannah Wolosek of Top Tier Manhattan.


There are a few aspects of this unveiling we’d like to talk about. Firstly, why Apple is the highest in our market when it comes to smartphones and how their brand has taken over the face of technology. Everyone practically knows what and who Apple is, we are aware of Steve Jobs and his legacy that’s still living on in the best way possible. But why is this time different for Apple? “Personally, I think they have made a breakthrough with the latest iPhones. The newly designed phone and it’s features make it worth it for a perfect user experience,” says Hannah Wolosek of Top Tier Manhattan. In a recent article on “The iPhone 8 Will Influence the Mobile Community for Years to Come” the writer, Eric Shashoua says “The iPhone 8 will differ markedly from other mobile devices in a few key areas. It will be the first handset to introduce 3-D facial recognition for unlocking and making payments. Thanks to newly designed infrared sensors, the facial-recognition tech will work even in the dark. The iPhone 8’s smart camera, meanwhile, will be the first in the industry to offer augmented-reality features for users and developers alike. This ties nicely into Apple’s recently introduced ARKit API, which allows third-party developers to build augmented-reality apps.


Shashua goes off to end his article by stating “The phone not only represents the future of Apple but also gives the market an idea where smartphones will be headed in the coming months and years.” At Top Tier Manhattan we value the aspect of innovation. That’s exactly what Apple does, it captures, persuades, and creates the best tool possible for users. No wonder the past decade has been proven to showcase Apple to the top, we do not doubt that it will continue to grow because that’s how their team does things. It’s an inspiration to businesses all over the world.

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