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Top Tier Manhattan review the success lessons that can be taken from Hollywood

Top Tier Manhattan review the success lessons that can be taken from Hollywood

Movies aren’t just for entertainment – some films from Hollywood can offer lessons about leadership, success, and life claims Top Tier Manhattan. The firm provides direct marketing solutions to a range of clients to ensure they get their brand out there and receive an upsurge to their sales pipeline  

Top Tier Manhattan strongly believe that stronger leaders generate better business and consequently are looking to the leaders within the “Times Up” movement in the US for inspiration. 

With the awards season looming, the New York-based company thought it would be inspiring to focus on the critical pointers that can be taken from Hollywood. In the current climate, Top Tier Manhattan believe that some tips can be concluded from the “Times Up” movement that is acting against the inherent sexual misconduct found fraught within Hollywood’s area code. 

The movement itself is a call from the women in entertainment to women everywhere to put an end to sexual harassment in the workplace. The Managing Director of sales firm Top Tier Manhattan has highlighted how both the severity of the problem and the strength of the movement’s leaders have united a vast number of individuals to the cause, and wants her contractors to take inspiration from those heading up this campaign in their own life.  

As part of their Business Development Programme, Top Tier Manhattan focus on cultivating influential leaders who will eventually establish their own businesses. They want their workforce to look to the example of Scarlett Johansson, who in a recent Times Up rally spoke out on the issue of sexual misconduct. The actress, to Top Tier Manhattan, demonstrated the confidence, passion and strong communication skills each aspiring business person need to demonstrate to succeed in business. In a recent statement, Top Tier’s managing director spoke out on the issue, stating, 

Whether you are a man or a woman, the Times Up movement and the strong leaders behind it demonstrate the skills of leadership any aspiring entrepreneur needs to develop in order to succeed. 

Hannah Wolosek, the Managing Director, firmly believes she represents a new generation of business leaders who are combatting the inequalities between genders in the workplace. Speaking out from her own experience she argued that her commitment to demonstrating strength, charisma and strong leadership has allowed her to excel in the workplace regardless of the inequalities that exist. 

Moving forward, she hopes her workforce choose to look up to inspiring individuals from both the business and entertainment industries and to channel their leadership qualities in their own personal and professional lives. 




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