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Top Tier Manhattan urge budding entrepreneurs to commit to reading to progress their career

Top Tier Manhattan urge budding entrepreneurs to commit to reading to progress their career

Sales and marketing experts, Top Tier Manhattan, have always focused on the individuals who work for them. As providers of direct sales and marketing services they believe that the number of sales they generate is dependent on the quality of the individuals working with them, which can be enhanced via reading.  

Consequently, throughout 2018 the firm will commit revolutionising their business development programme to broaden their contractor’s horizons. They want to generate Well-rounded, positive and charismatic individuals who have the potential to become leaders in the future. A fundamental way they know their contractors can transform into these kinds of individuals is through a commitment to the student mentality. Most notably Top Tier Manhattan, are imploring their contractors to commit to reading to progress their career. 

In a recent morning workshop, Top Tier Manhattan’s Managing Director highlighted the books she believes will help his contractors succeed in life. They are as follows: 

How to Be Bored – Eva Hoffman 

Described as a “deceptively modest little book”, Ms Wolosek believes that Eva Hoffman’s suggestions on finding an appreciation for nature, literature, art and music are extremely important for developing the creative mindset needed to succeed in sales. Top Tier Manhattan has always rested their sales success on the creativity of their contractors, and the firm is confident that the advice in this book is essential reading for anyone looking to widen their outlook on life.  

Spark – Angie Morgan, Courtney Lynch, Sean Lynch 

Top Tier Manhattan believes that strong leadership is essential for career progression and argue that this book provides the perfect insight into the fundamental ways individuals can create a spark in their life to create change. Top Tier Manhattan argue that their contractors need to read this book and nurture the seven characteristics that make up its structure: character, credibility, accountability, intention, service, confidence and consistency. 

Tool for Titans – Tim Ferris 

Described by Hannah Wolosek as a personal development bible, this book contains interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, actors, comedians and more. Ms Wolosek believes this to be the Holy Grail of personal growth and one of the essential books to ensure success. 

Top Tier Manhattan is confident their business development programme provides a wealth of knowledge when it comes to their contractor’s development. However, they are strong believers that there is no limit to the number of perspectives an individual can take. With this in mind, they hope their workforce takes on board this commitment to reading and absorb the knowledge the firm has suggested.  







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