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Company Info and Mission

Company Info and Mission

Our story:

Starting in 2016 in Chicago, Top Tier Manhattan is a young company who strives to develop strategic marketing solutions for our clients. The company recently moved to New York City in order to tap into a larger market and continue to expand our services to as many clients as possible. We started in Chicago with just four managers from the UK. Through our relentless effort and impeccable reputation based on the growth we are able to provide for our clients, we were able to send an expansion team to New York- where Top Tier Manhattan was born and developed. Though the company is new to New York, the strategies we enact for our clients are not. We are able to tailor our marketing strategies to exactly what the client needs so that the client can see an immediate increase in growth and success.

Who we are:

Top Tier Manhattan is a young outsourced sale and direct marketing company who specifically specialize in creating new customer acquisitions, generating brand awareness, and increasing marketshare in competitive industries. We do this by tailoring our marketing strategies to exactly what the client and the consumer deserves. Whatever the client wants- whether that is a specific strategy they know works best for them or if they want us to create an individualized marketing campaign, we strive to serve their needs. Similarly, we strive to bring a personalized touch to our consumers by providing a face-to- face interaction that allows them to feel cared for as well. It’s by providing excellent service to both the client and the consumer that Top Tier Marketing has been able to grow quickly.

The Future:

At Top Tier Marketing, we are hungry for our continued expansion. The goal for us is to be in 50 different markets in the next 18 months. While this goal may seem ambitious, it’s through the persistence of our determined team that this goal is within reach. We want to continue growing so that our clients can continue growing- both nationally and internationally. The CEO’s goal is to see Top Tier Marketing in every major city in the states as well as abroad. We have three
primary goals:

i. Continue expanding our client portfolio from blue-chip, to emerging growth industries, all the way to non-profits.

ii. Meeting the needs of our clients as we continue to support and tailor our marketing strategies on a day-to- day basis.

iii. Help develop individuals to achieve their goals within the company.