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The Team:

The culture of our work environment is what allows us to create real, genuine moments with the
consumers and clients. We strive to have a positive work environment that is dedicated not only
to meeting the needs of our clients, but is also dedicated to meeting the needs of our employees.
We work with a diverse group of individuals- from recent college grads to seasoned corporate
veterans- to create a unique workforce. With our no seniority policy, we believe that everyone
has distinctive perspectives that can bring value to our team and help us in our expansion. It’s
important at Top Tier Manhattan that we foster an environment where everyone feels like their
voices are being heard.

The Everyday Environment:

Coming from a sorority background, one of the things Hannah wanted to implement was a fun, social environment where someone can expand their social circle. One of the Hannah favourite part of being in a sorority, was the chance to have fun with a diverse group of people, which is what she really tried to convey within her company. Just like being in a sorority, the culture of Top Tier Manhattan is to create family feel within the office place where everyone feels they have someone who’s looking after them. The unity that an employee feels in the office place produces the greatest results.

At Top Tier Manhattan, we want to train and mentor our employees so that they can be the best
version of themselves and see real personal development whilst also having fun. Since this is not
the typical 9 to 5 job, we want our employees to have fun by having high energy within the
office where they feel stimulated to keep learning and growing.

Who we’re looking for:

• Ambitious- Someone who has clear goals and is willing to do whatever is needed to achieve
those goals.

• Competitive- Someone who has a need to be the very best at what they do.

• Inquisitive- Someone who is hungry for new knowledge and is not afraid to ask questions.

• Unbreakable- Someone who is able to maintain a positive attitude in a fast-paced environment
and is willing to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

• Team-player- Someone who has a desire to learn from and impact others.

• Entrepreneurs- Someone who thinks outside the box and likes taking on new challenges.

Our goal is to find the right people who can propel us towards our goal of being in 50 different
markets in the next 18 months. We want someone who fits in professionally and personally.
Someone who cares about developing themselves and the others around them. Think that’s you?Send your resume to