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Why face-to- face?

Compared to indirect marketing, such as television or radio, face-to- face interaction with consumers allows us to tailor our message to exactly what the customer needs or desires while also providing us feedback right away. Using face-to- face also allows our marketing strategies to show quantifiable results to our clients.

Which industries/companies do Top Tier Manhattan work with?

At Top Tier Manhattan, we never specialize in one specific industry, because it puts a cap on your growth and could lead to the pitfalls of recession, so we have no limits to what industry, company or sector we work with. It ranges from non-profit to the food industry!

What does the training program look like?

All of our managers start at an entry level which is with the sales and marketing team. After mastering those skills, they’ll move to a team management role where they’ll be running a team of 5-20 people. Then after demonstrating their leadership skills, they’ll move to the operational side of a campaign where they’ll be dealing with the legal and finance concerning a campaign. Finally, after mastering all of those tasks on a day-to- day basis, they’ll become a senior manager where they would be project managing a client’s campaign.

Is the growth plan realistic of having 50 offices in 18 months?

Of course! The clients want us to keep growing, because it means they’re growing as well. We have unlimited expansion budget and more client demand than ever before, so we’re using this as a catalyst to grow as quickly as possible. We have the budgets, we have the know-how, and we have the clients, now all we need are the experts to come in and help us manage these campaigns. Think you could be one of those people? Apply here!

What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is the business of selling products or services to the public or businesses. Direct marketing does not include advertisements placed on the internet, television, or billboards. This practice can be adopted by any client, no matter their size.

What types of campaigns do you run?

We run face-to- face events and promotions such as: • Street teaming • Retail events • Corporate events • Trade shows • Business to business

Is it commission only?

No. Here at Top Tier Manhattan we offer a base + bonus structure. We believe that this type of structure helps so that an employee has stability but also has the ability to have uncapped earnings.

Is this door-to- door?

We do not have any door-to- door campaigns.

Are any of the campaigns digital or online?

No. All of our campaigns are done face-to- face as we feel this creates a memorable experience for the consumer. It provides us the opportunity to answer questions and put a face to the brand in a way that digital campaigns cannot.