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Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is designed so that we find the best talent possible so we structure our
recruitment process in three steps:

1. Preliminary Interview: In this stage, you’ll get a chance to sit down with the CEO of our
company, Hannah Wolosek. Since Hannah will be involved in helping mentor and train all of
the employees, it is important that she meets everyone who is applying in order to assess their
capability of work in a fast-paced, team environment. The interview lasts around 15-20
minutes so that Hannah gets a chance to meet every candidate and explain in detail what Top
Tier Manhattan is all about!

2. Observation Day: At this second stage, you’ll be spending a full day with one of our team
members. We want to get a full picture of who you are across a full day, what your goals and
ambitions are, and how you fit in with a very diverse group of people. As a start-up company,
it’s important that the chemistry of the team is correct! We break down the observation day
into two parts:

i. Explain the business in more detail- We’ll grab a coffee with you, get to know you away from a desk, and explain everything Top Tier Manhattan hopes to accomplish in the upcoming months.

ii. Take you to see a campaign- It’s important to us that we’re completely transparent about what you would be doing within our company. You would be able to witness our face-to- face marketing campaigns in person, and see why so many of our clients are moving forward with this type of innovative marketing.

3. At the end of the observation day, there will be a final round interview whereby Hannah Wolosek would be making final hiring decisions and offering positions to some of the candidates.

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